Why Missipezza

Mare Otranto - Missipezza Residance

A To those who are questioning the origins of the name “Missipezza”, here is a brief description!


In front of the coast resort of Frassanito Alimini and, at a distance of about a mile and a half, is the Missipezza’sdry; among the finest dry of the lower Adriatic.
Resting on a sandy seabed is an underwater mountain that has an extension of nearly a square mile, reaches its peak at -39 m.
Always very strong currents in this area, rich in animal and plant life, countless species of fish inhabit on a backdrop mixed with cuts, Freemasons and braking that make the fascinating landscape and unreal.
The seasons is likely the presence of stingrays and skates, or pelagics like amberjacks and lecce. Even the oysters, the stars and the seahorses paper the bottom of dried Missipezza.

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